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Director of Programs

Director of PRograms


Master’s degree in Human Services field preferred; Bachelor’s degree in Human Services acceptable. At least five years relevant experience, including one year working directly with persons with disabilities required.

Responsible to: Executive Director

Responsible for: The primary responsibility of this position is to advance and maintain high quality client services through growth in programs and maximization of client opportunities consistent with the mission of OSI.

Essential Job Requirements:

Staff, supervise, and manage all client programs. Ensure that all program staff receive appropriate and sufficient training and supervision to provide high quality services consistent with state, county and OSI policies and guidelines. Provide direction to program staff as needed.

Must be knowledgeable in relevant state and federal statutes regarding job training, placement, and workforce development. Keep current on all initiatives and directives from funding and/or state agencies including Franklin-Fulton MH/IDD/EI, SCWIB, OVR, ODP, OHMSAS, DOL, DHS. etc. Seek out information and gain knowledge of successful programs, initiatives, and innovations of other service providers. Apply this knowledge to the continuous improvement of OSI’s programs.

Participate in the strategic planning process and coordinate the activities of departments to meet approved goals and objectives supporting OSI’s mission. Communicate agency goals and objectives to staff and delegate department related tasks as appropriate.

Maintain certifications and continuing education credits as required by regulating agencies or OSI’s Executive Director. Assure that all program staff are trained and certified (as appropriate) in their positions. Keep apprised of changes or advances in directives.

Work closely with the Executive Director and other appropriate staff to develop opportunities for clients and referred individuals, to include development of offsite employment programs, work crews, business ventures, and other programs relevant to OSI’s mission.

Work with program staff to develop annual program goals and semi-annual progress reports for county contracts. Maintain good working relationships with County MH and IDD Program Specialists.

Ensure that OVR services are provided in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the industry. Maintain relationships with OVR counselors to promote referrals to OSI programs. Oversee billing of OVR services.

Provide direction to staff who are responsible for management of offsite employment programs, to include setup of standard employment skills training programs for trainees and supervision of site manager.

Work closely with the Business Department to ensure that all invoices, authorizations, and billing are consistent with services provided.

Work closely with the Production Department to ensure the continuity and quality of services provided by Direct Service Professionals (supervisors), including the provision of training. Provide Production Manager with information on a regular basis regarding changes in client programs, as well as new and ongoing contacts with businesses.

Work as a liaison with schools, businesses, and agencies as appropriate to advance employment opportunities for individuals with obstacles to employment.

Provide education to community groups regarding the opportunities available to employers.

Provide presentations to agencies and groups to promote referrals to current and developing programs.

Ensure that program needs are met in regard to the hours allotted to individual clients as per funding guidelines. Monitor service authorizations on the HCSIS system. Communicate with the Client Services Manager and MH/ID Base Service Unit to ensure continuity of services and funding availability for individuals.

Ensure that employment services are provided at acceptable standards through contacts and evaluations with employers, as well as other appropriate personnel.

Ensure that client information for billing and statistical reports are submitted to the Executive Director on a monthly basis.

Provide direction and support to Client Services Manager in all aspects of provision of “in-house” client services, including providing coverage during absences of client services team members or vacancies in the department.

Make certain that all client programs are in compliance with state regulations under Department of Human Services (i.e. ODP, OLTL). Responsibility includes proper preparation for state licensing at all licensed programs/facilities, participation in licensing inspections, and participation in development and implementation of plans of correction.

Responsible for preparation for other program monitoring and reviews, such as Franklin-Fulton MH Program or ODP Quality Assurance. These activities to include gathering documentation and data from various sources, as required.

Manage a client caseload of up to 10 individuals to include completion of all functions required by ODP’s 2390 and 6100 regulations in order to allow for program growth.

Hours may occasionally be irregular and/or exceed 40 hours a week as work assignments warrant, such as attendance at meetings, business events, training, etc. Travel may be required periodically for training, conferences, and meeting attendance.

Provide support and assistance to Executive Director as needed.

Perform other relevant duties as assigned.