Executive Director

Linda Mayo - Executive Director


“BUSINESS ON A MISSION”. You can call this a catchphrase, slogan, or motto, but the phrase epitomizes Occupational Service, Inc.’s  true purpose... to support our mission through business with local partners.  These partners include businesses who find added value in work crews provided by OSI, as well as support through subcontract work which is often a solution to labor needs for many local companies.  Business relationships also provide much-needed training opportunities which allow our workers to gain experience and skills in order to reach their employment goals.  In short, OSI could not support its mission without our local community and businesses.   And it is truly a mutually positive relationship where all participants benefit.

OSI has many old and new business partners, but the common thread is this:  once a relationship is kindled, it only grows through time as a result OSI’s mission and the benefits provided by our dedicated and motivated workers.  Whether it be a large company such as Volvo or TBWoods, or a smaller company such as Value Added Distributors or The Butcher Shoppe, there are hidden gems to be found in the varied services OSI provides.

Over the past year, OSI has continued to move forward in adapting and meeting the needs of businesses in the community and our clients.  From the new MH SITES program to RFID Tagging, De-tagging and Pallet Washing operations, our staff have been pushing the envelope in order to provide opportunities to individuals with disabilities.  Our Program Staff and Direct Support Professionals advance each individual's interests and goals on a daily basis, while meeting the growing governmental demands and requirements.

The products and services which OSI provides, such as Print Shop services, Woodshop Products, and Recycling continue to grow slowly but steadily.  We have also seen expansion in "The Connector" booklet which provides a great way to "get the word out" about OSI's capabilities, as well as to provide a valuable service to the community.  The Connector is currently displayed and available in over 220 business locations throughout the county.  And our Secure Document Destruction, and Custodial Service also support our mission to provide a variety of training and employment opportunities.  Many businesses have found advantages in having OSI destroy and shred their documents securely and quickly.  Other businesses have found our custodial workers valuable in solving their labor challenges.  You see, once again, this is the Business Connection that allows OSI to serve its Mission. 

In addition, over the past year, OSI has gone far and above the state mandate to offer and provide Community Participation Support services to our clients.  These services include paid work crews in local businesses such as Staples Fulfillment and Schreiber Foods, as well as volunteer and experiential opportunities in local non-profits such as the library, food pantry, and nursing homes.  We are continually expanding the variety and number of these community partnerships, and have seen client wages and skills improve exponentially over the last 12 months in these businesses.  It is opportunities such as these that provide “choice” to our clients, the same choices that we all have and make every day…. the choice of where to work, what we will work at, and who we will work with, with the ultimate desire to create meaning in our lives.

As we end the year with a healthy bottom line and a strong financial position, OSI will continue to push forward in providing solutions to our Business Partners with the overarching goal of supporting our Mission.  For it is only because of the inherent value of these activities and relationships that OSI exists. I would like to thank the staff, clients, board, family members and especially our local businesses who support our mission.  It is because of the belief that every individual has value and desires to be a productive and important member of society that the “magic” happens at OSI.


"You have to live the mission....Love what you do!"  Anne M. Mulcahy

Linda J. Mayo

Executive Director