Crab Mallet

Handmade Maple/Birch Crab & Lobster Shellfish Mallets

A must-have for any seafood dinner, this 7" wooden mallet makes short work of your favorite shellfish. Our mallets are handmade in-house using Birch and Maple wood. The long handle on this mallet gives you a firm grip and lets you provide the strength and leverage needed to break through hard shells. The mallet head is secured tightly to the handle and will stay in place as you break open delicious lobsters and crabs. This mallet is great for catered events, all-you-can-eat crab shacks, seafood restaurants, and personal use for your home. Mallets Measure: Handle = .4375" X7 inches;  Head = 1.25 “X 2 inches.  Price below includes a bag of Twelve (12) hardwood mallets  and Free Shipping.