Rotary Presents 2017 Excel Award to Linda Mayo

Clint Bolte, 2017 Rotary President Mike Connor, Linda Mayo, and Dr. Stephen Overcash

Chambersburg Rotary has awarded  Linda Mayo, Executive Director of Occupational Services Inc.  the Chambersburg Rotary Club 2017 Excel Award.  I have had the opportunity to evaluate many executives in my career and believe that she has one of the most complex jobs as Executive Director of OSI, a Sheltered Workshop that employs individuals with intellectual, emotional, and physical disabilities.  This company has over a 2 million dollar budget, employs 200 individuals including a staff of 60 and 140 “employees” with disabilities.

Every “employee” must be evaluated to determine their “piece rate” which determines how much they are paid hourly on every job they do (a federal requirement) and they are assessed frequently so their “rate” changes.  Their rates are from below ½ minimum wage to well over minimum wage.  The workshop, which will be 60 years old this year, is about 60% funded by the State and about 40% funded through private contracts that OSI maintains with local companies.  They even have “engineers” break down jobs into 3 or more parts and develop “jigs” so that the “employees” can perform the more complex jobs that the average worker can do. Determining what to charge for a “job” can be quite complicated.

  As you can imagine this Workshop is very complicated, but Linda Mayo has been so outstanding in running this business that they recently bought another building and are continually expanding the business and making a profit to expand their services, unlike many similar “sheltered workshops” in the Tristate area.  In fact, other workshops come to OSI to learn “OSI’s techniques.”

         Linda Mayo began her career at OSI evaluating “employees” to determine their “piece rates” many years ago and has risen through the ranks to become the Executive Director seven years ago.  Since she has become the Director, the work environment has become very positive! it appears that “everyone” loves to come to work at OSI, including both the staff and the “employees”.    Also, a couple of years ago, OSI actually began to “make money”, very unusual for a sheltered workshop.  In fact, when Pennsylvania had a serious budget crisis this year, OSI did not need to borrow money to make ends meet as did many of the sheltered workshops in Pennsylvania did.

OSI has many facility subcontracts with companies like TB Woods, Beistle, Carlisle Tire & Rubber, Challenger Cable, DL Martin, Hunter Panels, Staples, Staroba Plastics, & Volvo.  They have performed work and provided services to more than 85 companies  in the past year, in addition to private contracts such as making surveyor stakes, for example,  for local contractors.  They also have a Print Shop that provides many different types of printing services!   And OSI took the initiative to become “Nationally Certified in Shredding.”  It also is doing and developing “Recycling” of appliances, etc.  Their newest job involves buying and using a Skid/Pallet Washer for which they have a growing number of contracts. They have several employees and board members who research ways for OSI to develop  different products, how to price them, sell them, and/or market them.  ~ Stephen Overcash